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Eleanor Lemish

How to edit WooCommerce Pages with Elementor

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest You might know the method of editing most of the WooCommerce pages with a template through Elementor but there is another method to edit these pages while also having the full functionality from Elementor without having to add a template.  For this tutorial,

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how to find and fix broken links to improve SEO, using this free tool.
William Sullivan

How to Search for & Fix Broken Links for SEO

Broken links are harmful to your site for a couple reasons:
1) It leads to a poor and frustrating users experience, these visitors end up leaving your page, and not returning.
2) It leads to a poor flow of internal links on your site, which negatively impacts SEO or your Search Engine Ranking.
Because this is not widely known, we have written a step-by-step comprehensive guide to show you how to find and fix broken links on your website!

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interface, internet, program
Bryan Thomas Silverman

An Explanation of WordPress SEO

A quick explanation of how SEO works on WordPress blogs. What is SEO? How do I add SEO to my WordPress Blog? What’s with this ‘Yoast’ everybody is talking about? Read our beginners introduction to WordPress SEO, as we describe the fundamentals of what SEO is and how you can add it to WordPress!

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Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Golf Edition has an improved golf swing accuracy range, as well as a smart caddie, and comes preloaded with over 40,000 golf courses worldwide. The Galaxy Active 2 Golf Edition is a Korean offshoot of the Active 2.
William Sullivan

Best Smartwatches this Year

Smartwatches are not only a trend, but are quickly becoming a necessity in many lives. With so many to choose from, we reviewed the top brands to bring you a list of Best Smartwatches of the year.

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In this picture, an example is illustrated of how simple CSS can create the same effect as a HTML Horizontal Line .
William Sullivan

How to make Horizontal Lines with CSS only

Recently we came across a situation, where we had to add new custom donation forms to a page. The plugin required that we update the functions.php file of the WordPress Theme. Having no access to the actual HTML (without building a new WordPress Theme Template), we still needed a way to create a horizontal line in between the regular form section, and our new custom donation questions. We found an easy way using CSS. Learn how to create a horizontal element across the page, using only CSS.

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Best Of 2018
William Sullivan

Best Smart Speakers of this year

With so many Smart Speakers out now, it’s hard to decide on which Smart Speaker is best for your home. We have split them up into categories, and picked the Best Smart Speakers of the year for you by category.

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Raspberry Pi Projects

build a raspberry pi super nintendo

Raspberry Pi Super Nintendo – Part 3

Recently, Classic NES became a big holiday seller, and people were paying top dollar to be able to play all their favorite Nintendo Games.  Raspberry Pi NES / Super Nintendo can play those same games, a lot cheaper. If you buy a cheap Raspberry Pi, know a little bit about Linux, and can use Emulators

On Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

The PoE HAT connector for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ powers your raspberry pi over etnernet

New Raspberry PI PoE HAT

The new Power Over Ethernet HAT for the Raspberry Pi, allows you to power your Raspberry Pi with your Ethernet cable!

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