Build a Raspberry Pi Project Projector

Learn how to build a projector with Raspberry Pi Zero
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Raspberry Pi Project

We found this project with the help of YouTuber MickMake, who has been working hard on producing a Raspberry Pi pocket projector with the Raspberry Pi Zero W.  We thought this was an amazing project, and thought you should check it out too!

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YouTuber Novaspirit Tech released a new video yesterday, reviewing MickMake’s Raspberry Pi Zero W pocket projector, as the video went on, we became a little obsessed with the project!

Thank you, Novaspirit Tech, for reminding us to subscribe to MickMake. And thank you, MickMake, for this awesome project!

The Pi Zero W pocket projector of your dreams

In his project video, Mick goes into great detail about the tech required for the project, along with information on the PCB he’s created to make it simpler and easier for other makers to build their own version.

How to build a raspberry pi pocket projector with raspberry pi zero w

The overall build consists of the $20 Raspberry Pi Zero W, a DLP2000 board, and MickMake’s homemade $4 PCB, which allows you to press-fit the projector together into a very tidy unit with the same footprint as a Raspberry Pi 3B+ — perfectly pocket-sized.

Specs and Things

While the projected images obviously aren’t as clear as those of high-end projectors, MickMake’s projector is definitely good enough to replace a cheap desktop display, or to help you show off your projects on the go at events such as Raspberry JamsCoolest Projects, and Maker Faire.  Because this has low power consumption, the entire unit can run off the kind of rechargeable battery pack you may already be carrying around for your mobile phone!


In his review video, NovaSpirit Tech goes through more of the projector’s playback and spec details, and also does a series of clarity tests in various lights. So why read about it when you can watch it? Here you go:

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