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web design and rebuild, watch as we redesign a website live.

We have decided to publish a live rebuild, to open the process up to the public, a live viewing of the entire before/after and the process in betwee. Our client hired us to ‘finish his site’. 

We noticed a couple things that needed improvement, perhaps a better organized color palette for his site, his logo does not really match colors on the site currently.  A cleaner more uniform look, professional, sleek, modern.  

10 years ago, all you needed was a website and some products.  To compete this age, the website needs to look appealing immediately, just like the foyer of an open house.  The site needs to load fast, anything above 4 seconds is in danger of a high bounce rate.  The site needs to be secure.  We were able to consult on everything a website needs to stay competitive in this day and age, and we were hired.

This is the site that we were hired to help finish.  For the reasons stated above we opted for a rebuild, and started on the site.  

We decided to use Elementor and the Astra Pro theme with this site.  Our client already had a theme, but after taking a look at it, Astra seemed to be the most customizeable.  

The domain to keep track of is   If you are interested, we suggest you bookmark this link so that you can check progress of the build.  We should have this site done by end of May / early June.

We have a portfolio, as most sites do, but we thought this might be a unique idea, to share a link to a live redesign/build in progress.  We hope you enjoy it!too

Tooltackle has been completed by us, and we are proud of it.  Compare the before and after below! is an E-commerce site, and is now up and running.



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