#1 Best Altcoin of 2021: Polkadot

What is the Best Altcoin to buy in 2021?

What is the best Altcoin to buy in 2021?

In our opinion, It (the #1 Altcoin in 2021) was Labeled an ‘Ethereum Killer‘ back in 2017.  

Two of Ethereums’ original founders split off from the group, both started a new project.

One eventually went on to create ADA, and the other became the creator and Founder of Polkadot: the #1 Altcoin of 2021.

Three years later, this Altcoin started showing us how it got that name.  It has the team, the hype, and the ecosystem.

But in reality, Polkadot is not a “Killer” of Ethereum.  The Founder of Polkdot & Cofounder of Ethereum, Gavin Wood, has been helping the Ethereum Project ever since leaving it, sometimes just volunteering his time.   

I believe this shows a certain quality level of character, which separates Gavin and Polkadot from the others.

We picked Polkadot for our number 1 selection of best Altcoin in 2021. It has a very impressive ecosystem

Why is Polkadot the top Altcoin in 2021?

Dot is the one project that actually lives up to its hype, which is why it we chose it as one of the Top Alt Coins of 2021.

Polkadot (Dot) already has a very large, growing ecosystem for a 3 year old project, which has recently turned up the heat.  

The reason for Polkadots growth?:

Dot has a GREAT Team to carry out its mission, while possessing the Scalable Technology to back it up.  

Remember the coin Ethereum?  (Of course you do, what an arrogant question).

Gavin Wood was one of the brightest and most talented team members from Ethereum, helping make Polkadot what it is today, and what it will become in the future.  

Polkadot already possesses the technology of ETH 2.0, currently has a stronger staking system than Ethereum 1, built to be scalable, and has a massive ecosystem that is still growing.  It was an easy pick for the top Altcoin of 2021.

Growing Ecosystem

Polkadots robust, growing ecosystem coupled with its widespread hype makes it an appealing investment, as it demonstrates the publics confidence in the project itself, showing a willingness to invest their own projects and businesses on that particular blockchain.

We researched many projects, and Polkadot / Substrates name came up again and again. The amount of activity on this blockchain is impressive, and hopefully will continue.

Here is a look at some of the projects on the Polkadot Blockchain.

Polkadot is our #1 pick for Altcoins in 2021 because of how fast its ecosystem has grown. The best developers encourage top level growth.

"An increase in size or amount, or an increase in size due to encouragement, or to become more advanced or developed"


Some of the above projects ended up on our list of Top Alt Coins of 2021:

That is how important a growing ecosystem is to be considered a top altcoin of 2021.  

A growing ecosystem, by definition means having enough success to become larger, or for other companies to have enough confidence to invest.  Polkadot’s success has created an unintentional positive feedback loop, that may benefit the blockchain even more in the long run.

Polkadot has attracted many developers, and they have a large list of successful companies coming over to the blockchain.


Many new Altcoins are gaining attention because they’re built on the Polkadot Network. 

A couple examples are:  Polkastarter and Polkaswap.  These are two of the most anticipated ICOs that will come out this year.  

During our search for Best Altcoins of 2021, we borrowed a strategy from Warren Buffet:

“Invest in overweight (successful) assets in the best performing sectors and industries.”

Well we just learned that Polkadot was one of the best performing ecosystems.  In terms of Altcoins, Polkadot demonstrates the most use cases outside of Ethereum, which is why we picked it to be one of the top alt coins of 2021.


Almost all Cryptocurrency projects that fail, failed because of marketing, or technology – responsibilities of The Team.

The Team is a crucial factor to look at when picking a project that will be successful in the future.  After all, it is up to them if the project succeeds or not.

So let’s take a look at the Polkadot Team:

Polkadot Founders, Gavin Wood is now a founder of Ethereum, Polkadot and Grid Singularity.
You can’t read about Polkadot or Substrate without the name ‘Gavin Wood’ popping up.  In fact, if you read about Ethereum, his name is bound to come up also. Why is that? Gavin Wood has an impressive resume:

In addition to founding Polkadot and creating Substrate, he also founded Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin, and wrote Solidity.

Gavin was a vital team member of Ethereum.  He created the programming language for Ethereum called ‘Solidity’, which is still the most downloaded developer tool in the Microsoft Store by a long shot.


When we look at technology, we are really just looking at the survivability of a blockchain.  When we gain insight into actual use cases, we can answer the questions:

What problems does this project solve, if any?

How valuable is the solution or proposal to the community, and how big of an impact will this project or proposal have on current technology and society?

How likely is it that this project will get enough support to reach the top 5?

Polkadots Impressive Technology

Polkadot has the scalability to allow for bigger projects to come and allow for massive growth

Multi parallelized transactions

Interactions with Parachains are processed in parallel, allowing for a highly scalable network.

Polkadot was built by brilliant developers utilizing rust and substrate,

Built with the best technology

Substrate, WASM, Libp2p, and developer languages like Rust, C++, and Golang.

Parachains, relay chains, parathreads, are just a glimpse into some of the technology that Polkadot is built with.

The technology is seriously exciting, as it seems to have beaten Ethereum to the Layer 2 roll out, and had similar features to Ethereum.  However, we chose to look past Ethereum this time, as the current projects have become interesting enough to start seriously dissecting them.  

Another factor was Market Cap.  We wanted to look at coins that would give us the highest possible gains, but also remain a smart decision.  The Market Cap of Ethereum makes it harder to keep gaining as much as a smaller cap Alt coin would, which does affect our decision.   

Since we were already looking at both, we took a look at their decentralization properties.


Ethereum has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies for years, and is currently the 2nd largest Market Cap at the time of this writing.  

While Ethereum Boasts 25,000 Nodes (Servers), Polkadot has quickly been rising.  Starting at just a few hundred months ago, it has risen to thousands currently. 

 Polkadots aim is to be the most efficient, scalable, and technologically sound project for the future of cryptocurrency, and we believe it is on the right track.  Will it “Kill Ethereum”?   No, that was never the plan.  

We found more than several blockchains that operate harmoniously, in tandem, which could be what the future of blockchain will look like.  

And Polkadot is at the top of that pack.

Where can I buy Polkadot?

Polkadot can be found on a couple different exchanges, we found the most trustworthy to be KuCoin.