Crypto VRA Cup & Handle: Possible Breakout Pattern

A Quick Update (VRA) - Possible Breakout

I noticed VRA is now back to its All Time Price of .055, and has gone through a pattern called a Cup and Handle.  What this means, is this Cryptocurrency could be very bullish when it breaks upwards.  

The crypto investments serve as a great way to invest your money in the digital age. Its status as a decentralized currency keeps it free from political influence. Plus, crypto transactions are secure, fast, and digital, which helps maintain records and raise crypto’s appeal as a store of value.

To trade a cup and handle pattern, normally someone measures the top of the lid, to the bottom of the cup.  They use this depth to measure where they expect the trade to go up to.  They start measuring again at the top of the lid, when it breaks out.  If you are interested in trading, make sure to try fx trading online.

I have already posted on, you can view the VRA cup and handle chart here.   Please do your own research.  Avoid trading early, as it does need to break above the lid for the trade to be valid.  

VRA breakout pattern spotted, potential cup and handle

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This should not be taken as financial advice, this is a trade I am personally entering, please do your own research when investing as not everyone’s risk tolerance is the same.