Bitcoin News in September 2021 - What happen this fall

Bitcoin in correction mode until early – mid October

This is a good chance to clear up any doubts whether we’re in a Bull Season still.  Bitcoin has seen some of the highest level growth, on-chain, than it has seen in years.  There is no doubt in my mind, that Bitcoin is still set for numbers above 100k.  

Take a look at the chart above in figure 1.  The pattern is a pennant formation, it has a flag up top, created by top and bottom trendlines, and a long ‘flagpole’ down to where the bullish movement started.  What this means:  Bitcoin is in a long term continuation pattern, the flagpole we see now can be measured, and duplicated to pinpoint the next area we are going to hit.  The probability for this pattern to play out this way is:  54.87%.