How to post to Mix, (Previously Known as StumbleUpon)

Stumbleupon, a top Social bookmarking site, now goes by the name: 'Mix'.

And you will want to be a part of it..

Remember the website StumbleUpon? 

It was GREAT for Social Bookmarking.

Well, Stumbleupon changed over to an app called ‘Mix’, which is a Social Bookmarking site ready to take your content to the next level.  

If you were used to StumbleUpon like me, and are looking for guidance on how to post to Mix, I got you covered.  

In fact, posting to Mix is super simple!  But first, you must download the App.

What is Mix?

Mix is a new place to find, collect, and share content you like. 

You can easily create customized lists of posts you want organize, bookmark, and recommend to others who share the same passions.

Think of this as another Social Bookmarking Site, and a newer one at that.  Yes, it has been around before, but it has not been StumbleUpon until recently, which is why it is on the radar now.

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How To Post to Mix

1. Download the App

Simply visit the Mix downloads page and follow the prompts to get the App texted to your phone, or visit the App Store on your phone.  

Once you have it on your phone, you will need to use a valid email to login, or login with Facebook, Twitter or Google.  This is slightly annoying, but I found no way around it.

As of Today, January 13 2021, Mix is only available on iOS, Android and Desktop.

2. Sign up on mix

To create a Mix account you must use an email address or either a Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. You will also use this account to sign in to Mix.

On the sign up screen you can choose a username. All we need is your email address and you’re ready to choose some friends to follow and some interests to get you started.

It will take you through a series of 5 images, asking if you like them.  They will use this part for your personalization, it won’t take long.  

Learn how to post to Mix, Visit the app, sign up, and choose your interests. Mix is the new StumbleUpon for Social Bookmarking

3. browse to any article, and share

This is where you realize how easy this Social Sharing App can be.  Simply use your phone to browse to any one of your articles, or one that you would like to share.   

Then go to your phones Sharing Options, like any other post on Social Media.  Since you installed the app, you will have a new icon to share to Mix!  

Once you share, it will appear on your profile.  At this moment there is no real way to customize those posts, or add any keywords.  

Another way to post, is by clicking the + button inside the app.   Then simply paste the article when prompted for the URL.


How do I create a collection?

To create a new Collection or add a page to an existing Collection while in the app, tap the Add button. Then choose an existing Collection from the list or make up a new one.  It’s pretty simple, try to get wild with it.