With improvements in smart home technology, We found the Best Indoor Garden Systems and Smart Garden Grow Kits available.  

These small, efficient gardens are perfect for cramped spaces in the city, or just adding some greenery to one of your rooms.  Some of these gardens add the perfect amount of light, some actually water the gardens for you.  

Join us, as we explore our favorite indoor smart garden systems, and find your perfect indoor smart garden. 

Best Smart Gardens of 2018

The Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 will instantly catch your attention with its name.  Whether you have tried to garden and failed, or if you have a green thumb, and want some herbs year round, we recommend checking the Click and Grow Garden System out.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a continuous supply of fresh herbs in the kitchen?  Thanks to energy efficient LED grow lights, this indoor garden system will grow your favorite culinary herbs, salad greens and flowers all year round without you having to worry about weather or lighting conditions. 

The Smart Garden 9 can grow up to nine different plants pods simultaneously and is the perfect addition to any kitchen counter, windowsill or living room.

Grow herbs and flowers all year long with the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9,

What comes with it?

The Smart Garden 9 is an all-inclusive smart garden grow kit. It comes everything you need to get started.  Open it up, and you will see a complimentary set of plant pods so you can start growing right away. In the package you will find 3 mini tomato, 3 basil and 3 green lettuce plant pods. All you need to do to start growing is put the plant pods into their cavities, plug in the power adaptor, and fill the water reservoir.

The Verdict

The Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Indoor Gardening System is a great place to start, if you are a beginner looking to grow indoor herbs or flowers year round.  The garden system is not too pricey, just under $200.00.   This will not be for the serious gardener, as the controls override a lot of the customization’s someone might want to make when planting.  

However, this includes everything you need to get your indoor garden started, and the seeds sprout very quickly.  The Click and Grow actually works, and produces real results.  The success rate is very high, so we call this one a win.   See more at their website, Clickandgrow.com.

AeroGarden is a close 2nd in our list of the best indoor gardening system.  Aerogarden stepped onto the scene early in 2002. It was originally intended as an indoor vertical garden system, used for cooking, and healthy eating.  As of 2018, they have shipped 1.7 million units of AeroGarden to consumers world-wide. Over the years AeroGarden has been incorporating smart garden technology, like WiFi and sensors, which makes it one of our favorites.

The AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit is a true indoor hydroponic garden system, and can grow up to 9 plants simultaneously without the use of soil.

The plants grow in a system of water called hydroponics. It features a 45-watt full spectrum LED grow light system (adjustable to up to 24” of growing height). Simply turn the light to the specific spectrum that you wish so that plants receive maximized photosynthesis for rapid growth and abundant harvests; white LEDs for rapid growth, blue LEDs for higher yields, and red LEDs for more fruit and flowers.

What comes with Aero Garden Bounty? 9 plant pods, 45 LED system, 24 inches of growth height, hydroponics system

What’s Included?

  • 45 Watt LED Grow Light
  • 9 Plant Pods
  • Extends 24″
  • Interactive LCD Touchscreen, Fully Automated, Customizable
  • Includes 9-Pod Gourmet Herb Seed Kit that contains: Genovese Basil (x2), Thai Basil, Curly Parsley, Italian Parsley, Thyme, Chives Dill, Mint & 3 oz. liquid plant food

The Verdict

The AeroGarden Bounty has a 45 LED system and 9 grow pods just like the AeroGarden Bounty Elite WiFi, but at half the price tag.  It is lacking the stainless steel and WiFi, however holds the same power.  Having a hydroponics system that is capable of growing almost anything, in your home, is a huge perk.  Paying only $200 for the system, helps.

Sexymates Smart Garden Indoor Smart Plugs Rapid Rooter Grow Capsule Gardening Kit with LED Grow Lights might be the cheapest Smart Garden you can find.  At under $25.00, it is a steal compared to any other Smart Garden.  The instructions are simple, water up to the water line, plug in the LED, and grow your herbs simply  in your own kitchen or space.

Smart Garden Smart Plugs Rapid Rooter Grow Kit

What’s Included?


  • LED Grow Light
  • 3 Plant Pods
  • Extends 9-12″ for growth

The Verdict

At $24.99, this is the cheapest amount you will have to spend for this technology.  The system works well, however the LED lights are not the strongest.  Many users have recommended putting the planter in a bright window sill.  However, if you are new to these Smart Indoor Gardens, or are looking at picking up a gift for someone else, we suggest taking a look at Smart Garden Smart Plugs Garden Kit.

Unrelated Distraction


This Venus Flytrap in B52 Mericlone may not be a Smart Garden, but is a new way to display your Venus Fly Trap.  Water plants have been gaining popularity, and are incredible to look at.  At $7.99, this was the perfect distraction.

  • Self-sustaining terrarium. No watering, feeding, or sunlight needed.
  • Watch in amazement as your Fly Trap multiplies to many new plants and grows in size!

As far as we know, Ava Byte Smart Indoor Garden is the first Smart Garden to combine AI technology, as well as machine learning to its user experience.  So no matter how many plants you have killed in the past, Ava is sure to lend a helping hand.  In no time, you will have a miniature farmers market right in your own kitchen.  

The Ava Smart Indoor Garden will ship its first units sometime in October 2018, and second wave in January 2019, it is estimated.  Starting in 2015 at Startup Weekend, and gaining popularity and traction, the team including the designers, engineers, horticulteralists and marketers have worked laboriously to deliver the product we are seeing today.  

Introducing Ava Byte Indoor Smart Garden with AI to help your garden grow

Whats Included?

  • Ava Byte and HD Camera
  • Smart App for IOS and Android
  • Lights:  Energy-Efficient, Full-Spectrum RBG Plant-Optimized LED Lighting Panel
  • WiFi connection 802.11/b/g/n
  • Sensors: Relative Humidity, Temperature, Ambient Light, Water Level
  • Home Automation Compatibility: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit
  • Features:  Automated watering, Plant-optimized LEDs, Water refill reminders, Environmental sensing, Wall-mount, Camera for timelapse, IOS/Android App.

The Verdict

As we have not tested this yet, this will not be a true review.  However, it is on our list because we are very excited to try it!  Pre-order one for 35% off, and see for yourself.  We love the features on this one, and combining the words hydroponics with AI seem to speak directly to our heart.  WiFi alerts, an app made specifically for the product, and integration with Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit.  

The directions:  Plug it in, place your pods, connect to Wi-Fi using the app, and fill the water reservoir. AVA notifies you when it’s time to refill the reservoir and when your plants are ready to harvest!  

We love the water recycling features it has, as well as the ability to take time-lapse videos.  We are excited and looking forward to the launch in October, 2018.   If you want more information on how to pre-order your own, or just want to check out the specs, check out their project on Indiegogo.