Review: Dafodill ULT05 USB LED Light – 8 Super Bright LED Reading Lamp

The super bright ‘Daffodil ULT05 USB 8 LED Light‘ is an amazing creation.  It is sleek (which is why I bought it), and upon inspecting it further, it has quite a sturdy yet flexible metal coil.  For $7.95 this is quite a bargain!  

After buying this product, I immediately loved it.  I actually didn’t know these existed until my roomate showed me one that he bought.  I liked the look so much, that after he told me it was around $8, I just ended up purchasing one from Amazon.  

The Good:

  • No batteries needed!
  • Super bright USB light with 8 long-life LED bulbs. Up to 80,000 hours of illumination
  • Sturdy yet flexible gooseneck design for optimum visibility and precise lighting, Retail packaged; perfect for personal and corporate gifts
  • 2.24 Ounces (it’s surprisingly small).
  • Mostly All good reviews 

The Bad:

  • No on/off switch.
  • Some say – TOO BRIGHT.

You be the judge!