Review: Super Tinytendo Case for Raspberry Pi

TechSnob Review: Super Tinytendo Case for Raspberry Pi 3, 2, Model B with Large Cooling Fan

During my last project, I built a SNES Raspberry Pi complete with all games, realistic controllers, and an amazing case guaranteed to give you nostalgia. The Tinytendo Case costs $25 and is a beautiful and well designed miniature replica of the popular Super Nintendo Entertainment System. As far as Raspberry Pi cases go, this is one of my favorites just do to the design. I rank it up there with the new Flirc Generation 2 Case.

I ordered this from Amazon using my Prime and got it 2 days later. I opened the case and took a look, it looks exactly as pictured. It comes with a fan that you can install inside the case to avoid overheating of the Raspberry Pi. I used the Raspberry Pi Model 3B, which fit into the case perfectly. The case pictured above does come with the fan, all the screws necessary, and instructions on how to set it up. You can get the Tinytendo SNES Case here.


  • The overall look, superb quality
  • Full Accessability – Ports for Power, 4X USB, Ethernet, bottom loaded microSD, and HDMI are all easily accessible
  • Rubber feet come installed on the case for optimal grip while sitting on your entertainment center


  • The optional fan is noisy when plugged in
  • Fan connector is a little long (must bend to fit)
  • Screws are cheap and strip easily

Overall, we rate the Tinytendo 4/5 stars. The case itself has a terrific look, and brings us back in time. Because we are using this as a gaming system, specifically for SNES, it just has the perfect feel to make a great gift or an addition to your gaming collection. We dropped it by a star due to some interior design flaws that does make the Pi a little noisy. However this was a great purchase for $24.99!

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