Tailwind App – Schedule Pinterest Posts, with Tailwind for Pinterest

How does 300,000 Monthly Pageviews from Pinterest sound to you?

It’s possible, thanks to the Tailwind app, an automation application for Pinterest.  My goal is to help you understand what Tailwind is, and how it can help you destroy your competition.

After reading my step-by-step Guide on How to use Tailwind: You will understand exactly what Tailwind is, as well as the benefits of using both the free, and paid versions of the Tailwind app.  You’ll have a clear understanding if this is right for you, and most importantly, you’ll know how to use the Tailwind app to get explosive traffic to your website.  

How to use Tailwind App to gain pinterest followers

What is Tailwind?

First, let’s start off with what Tailwind is.  

Tailwind is an Automation Application, built to work with both Pinterest, and Instagram.

Simply put, it is an app that helps make Social Media easier.  Specifically, the Tailwind app helps out with your daily Social Media tasks, which would otherwise start to pile up. 

Social Media Management is a full time gig.  If you want to get the most out of your accounts, you would need to create pins at least 5 times a day for Pinterest, and post 2-3 times per day for Instagram. 

What did Tailwind App help fix?

Each time, you need to find relatable quality photos, and do keyword research.  Then you would have to find a way to post throughout the day, and not all at once, as Social Media rewards the former.  For instance, Pinterest recommends 5-10 posts, spread out throughout the day!  Who has that kind of time?

Luckily, that’s where Tailwind comes in.  

Managing Social Media is Time Consuming

Tailwind helps out where the pain points of Social Media begin.  Tailwind gives you a map when you had none, and saves you time. Because, admit it, Social Media is time consuming.

For instance, Pinterest recommends posting pins 10 times throughout the day, every day.  Instagram, around 3-4 times a day.  And twitter can be upwards of 3 – 10x per day.  

Prior to Tailwind, we were inconsistent at best

And sure, you can just post 5 all at once, but you won’t see any rewards from that.  Social Media ignores spammy behavior, but rewards those who interact with their software on a regular basis.  

Just like Content is King when blogging, Consistency is King on Social Media.  When you combine consistency and daily frequency, it can become extremely taxing!  Think about it, every post needs to be fresh, with new pictures and titles.  Get the picture?  

This is where Tailwind builds a case for itself.

Make 300,000 more followers on Pinterest using Tailwind App

Benefits of the Tailwind App

The use case for Tailwind became immediately clear.  One, it offered you a glimpse at analytics you couldnt otherwise see, and two, automatic scheduling!

1. Tailwind shows data on the best times to post

Tailwind posts at the best time possible for you

First, Tailwind finds you the best times to post to Pinterest, to get the biggest audience possible.  They use an AI algorithm, which finds the most popular times to post, and creates you a schedule with those times.  To me, this was a no-brainer.  This is a statistic that I would otherwise have paid for, and they were giving it out for free!  More traffic, anyone?

This convinced me to download the free version.   My thought was, if I could see the best times, I would know when to post without paying.  

2. Automatically Schedule Your Pinterest Posts

But the 2nd benefit was enough to convince me to buy the Tailwind App.  

It schedules Pinterest pins to the next available ‘smart’ slot, (the best time to post) allowing you to create all your Pinterest Pins ahead of time.  

This was something I had only heard about before, but couldn’t believe it was that easy when I tried it.  Plus, it made my life so much easier for Social Media.

This had been my #1 pain point!  And Tailwind just solved it.  It not only helps me remember to post on time (it remembers for me), but it allowed me to be much more consistent, helping my traffic finally break out.  Which brings me to the 3rd benefit of Tailwind.

3. Consistency

Tailwind helps us the most by helping us post consistently.  This does wonders for any Social Media algorithm.  They love when people interact with their apps, so they reward them.  

Consistency is one of the most important ways to build a following on Pinterest, which I devoted an entire article to, “How to get Pinterest followers”.  Make sure you give it a read to get a full picture of what’s expected from you on Pinterest.  Or, if you need an introduction to Pinterest, or Pinterest SEO, please read my article “Pinterest SEO”.

So, to drive the point home, if you choose to post to Pinterest 5 times a day,  Make sure you can stick to that schedule!  If you start falling off, consider toning it back a little.  Because if you give that up, you will lose all that momentum you created.

So clearly you can see WHY Tailwind is a good choice, and we only went over 3 benefits.  I will discuss more benefits farther down in the article, but for now, let’s discuss the only thing people do wrong when trying to succeed.

Don't Give Up! If you don't quit, you will succeed at anything, because success can just be boiled to a number of hours that you put into something.

How to not quit Tailwind

Don’t give up.  

The reason I say this, is because you WILL feel like it on some days.  Without a doubt, you will come to a point where you don’t think you can keep going.  

If a person thinks they won’t be successful, they’re right.  But if that same person thinks they will be successful, then they’re also right.  How can this be?

Hint: It’s NOT because they weren’t good enough…  it’s because they chose to quit.    

What if you felt like quitting, but…  and hear me out…  What if you didn’t?  

Think about it.  

What would happen in the past, if you just said “F*ck it, I’m too stubborn to quit”.  And you kept doing whatever it was that you were doing over the last 10 years? 

Would you succeed then?   YES.  

Success is just boiled down into the amount of time you put into something, the more hours you put in, the closer you are to it.  Success is something you never get farther away from, you can only get closer.  That is, unless you quit.  

So to save you from quitting early, I will talk about the potential issues new users face, and how to avoid those pitfalls. 

Let me begin by pointing out your first obstacle, and how you’re going to get around it.  

Tailwind can be Overwhelming

 For those that did not read this post first, they would not have realized just how important it is to stay consistent.  The learning curve can lead to taking several days off, even a week.  But you know this.  You’re a smart badass, and you found out ahead of time that consistency was the number 1 driver of success in Social Media.  You friggin got this.  You calmly and cooly solve the issue by using Tailwinds tutorial.  You know Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Your goal is just to get the first day posted.  Taking smaller steps, you refrain from swearing at your computer.  You avoid throwing your phone into water, because you did the right thing by using your computer instead.  

And that’s exactly what you have to do, to overcome the first day or two.  I would urge you to be patient, but I don’t have to, do I?  No, you are way ahead of me.  Well, then let me remind the others. 

Other steps to success

1. Avoid the temptation to use your phone, at least until you know how to use Tailwind.  This is one of the biggest downfalls for people, who are unaware of the impact a smaller screen can have on their learning.  

2.  Give yourself the time you need, to personally learn the new software.  Do this, and you will not waste any results when you begin.  

3. Be consistent.  Wait, number Three??  This should be #1..  Be Consistent!  5x per day means 5x per day, no excuses.  I hope I am making this point abundantly clear.  

Hopefully this helps get you prepared.  And to be honest, it’s not that bad at all.  I just would hate to think someone gave up early, because I only touched on the benefits.

Use Tailwind App to create Pins

So let’s jump right in.  To get Tailwind App, open your browser and go to tailwindapp.com.  If you do not have an account yet, go ahead and create one.  You can choose the Free for now, and upgrade later.  Once you get your account created, and logged in, you will be asked to do a Tutorial.  I HIGHLY recommend you do this.

It may not sink in yet, but it will.  So let’s cover some features.  Currently, I am on the Publisher page, which is the 5th icon down on the left-hand side (3rd from the bottom).  This will take you to your schedule, which is shown on the right.  Right now, yours will be empty, but it will be simple to solve that.  

The Tailwind App can take some getting used to, its a full dashboard with many bells and whistles.

Right away you are greeted with a call to action, telling you that you don’t have any pins scheduled, and to schedule one.  If you DO have a website, then you will want to create a new pin with Tailwind.  If you don’t, or are lacking content, you will just start finding content to share.  

For those of you with a website, instead of clicking the big green button on top, which allows you ‘create a new pin inside of tailwind’, it is easier for you to visit your own website, and save your images as pins.  BUT, you need to have quality photos that you haven’t shared before.  So this is my step-by-step recommendation.

Step 1. Start off with quality images

Set yourself up for success, create 2-3 images for each blog post, to share later on Pinterest (each time you pin a similar link, the pin needs a new picture and title to stay Fresh). 

The secret is: 

Make them look great, so everyone wants to share, and embed them in your site.  Embedding Pins is best practice, as it makes them harder to steal.  And get the Pinterest hover button, “Pin It”, which allows someone to pin your own picture from your website, advertising for you.  

What defines a quality image?

It should be to make your page attractive enough to share on Social Media, where it competes against all the other beautiful photos.  Once you make or find the best photo, make it easy for someone else to share.  Do this by adding the hover “pin it” button onto your photos.  

What’s the best place to make quality images?

Canva is all you need, to make great looking content.  Canva has both a free plan, which gives you enough to create with, or a Pro plan ($10/mo.) which gives you access to everything.  I just paid the $10/mo, and now I don’t have to worry about where to find Stock Photos at.   

If you don’t already have an account, sign up with Canva today, and start creating images that people will share.  Like the one below.  Hover over it, you should see a ‘Pin It’ button.

Infographics, Checklists, other Helpful Images

A general rule for each post:

Make sure to include at LEAST 1 infographic, or helpful checklist.  Seriously, this is the #1 way to get your posts shared by others.  You can easily raise your page views by 30-40%. 

If you already have amazing sharable images, great!  Move onto the next section.  

But, if you don’t have many great images, or they feel bland to you, you must create new quality images that people will want to share.  This is important in order get Pinterest followers.

You will want to publish your newly created, quality images to your blog post prior to using tailwind to post on Pinterest.  

Step 2. Create a pin inside Tailwind

Tailwind chrome extension helps you save images from the internet to Tailwind.

There are two main ways of sharing Pinterest Pins with Tailwind.

  1.  Creating Pins that lead to your website
  2.  Sharing Pins that go to others sites.

The rule of thumb on Pinterest, is people are sharing 80% other peoples content, and 20% their own.  This is the magic recipe of what makes Pinterest unique.  This means that only 20% of your own posts are going to lead to your website, and 80% are going to lead elsewhere.

The reason I recommend following this model, is because it builds a better user experience for everyone.  This unselfish behavior drives people to create better content, as people are focused on sharing only quality pins.  And who do you think will reward you for keeping a better user experience?   Pinterest!</p?

The steps are slightly different to create pins that lead to your website.

By clicking on the Tailwind Chrome Extension, t will bring up all the photos of the current website you are on, to share to pinterest.

Creating Pins that Lead to your Website

When it comes to creating images that will lead to your website, you will spend more time creating the images.  Because of this, it could take you much longer than sharing, but it is worth it.

To create shareable content:

    1. Login to Canva.com, if you don’t have an account, you can join for free – or pay $10 per month for the unlimited use of images.
    2. Search for ‘Pinterest’ at the top.
    3. Find a Pinterest Template that you really like, or start from scratch.  Upload images, or use the ones provided by Canva.  To make a really fancy Pinterest Pin, check out my article on how to make beautiful Pinterest pins.
    4. Make 3 different templates for the same image.  You can simply change colors of your Pins.  The best advice is to create 2-3 templates (different designs) of Pins that you really like.  For each post, create an image using your 3 templates to repurpose content later.  
    5. Embed your images into your blog.  This is best practice as it will help you with less people stealing your images. Pinterest images should have a 3/2 ratio.  900px / 600px is what I typically do on my site.
    6. Install the plugin to give your images a hoverable “Pin It” button.
    7. Share your Posts with Tailwind.  Visit your website, and hover over the embedded Pin that you want to share, and click on the Tailwind App ‘Schedule‘ button that pops up.
    8. Move on to step 3.

Sharing Pins From Others

This will be much easier than the previous steps to create pins going to your website.  And luckily, these easy ones take up 80% of all pins you post!

  1.  Make sure you have the Chrome Extension for Tailwind.

  2.  Whenever you are scrolling the internet, keep your eye out for articles you really enjoy.  When you find an article you really like, either hover over the image, and press the schedule button, or click the icon of the extension itself.

  3. Once you choose which image you would like, you can either fill out your own verbiage on the descriptions, or keep what the original author wrote.  Click ‘Add to Queue’.
Tailwind extension allows you to pick which image you like from a site, and schedule it easily.

3. Select your image to pin

Tailwind is going to automate everything for you, so that is where you will set it up.  The easiest way to do this, is to download the Tailwind  App Chrome Extension.  

This extension allows you to use any website to post pins from.  It will automatically grab the images from the site, and display them for you to select.  

To do so, click the chrome extension Icon in the top right, which will bring up a group of photos published on that website.  Orand hover over an image, and click the ‘schedule’ box that pops up on the bottom of the image. 

Either selection will open up a new window, where you begin editing your pins draft. 

As you can see below, it picked up all the photos on the website page I was on, just by clicking on the chrome extension, the blue icon above.

Once you press schedule on Tailwind App, you now get to enter in the description, title and keywords

4. enter in the Title, description with keywords

Once you click Schedule, a new window pops open, and you are presented with the Tailwind Pin layout.  

The Pin is now saved as a draft, so you can come back to it whenever.  On the top right, it says schedule now, or save for later.  


This is where you are going to fill in your title, boards, and description.  And make sure you are using the keywords you want to be found for!  You will find more information in my article, How to Get Pinterest Followers.  And if you have time, read this Pinterest SEO article has some interesting statistics to look at.

First thing to do is pick a board. 

Set interval in Tailwind App to be able to post your post to 4 different boards, and pick the number of days to set them apart.

5. Setting up Board lists

Tailwind App Board Lists are groups of similar boards that allow you to post 1 pin, to several boards with an interval of time in between.

Pinterest boards are updated on  Tailwind frequently.  

However, if your boards don’t show up, click the button ‘refresh’.  You will see a list of all your boards in here, to choose one just click it.  

In the picture above, I have what are called Board Lists.  Tailwind allows me to pick multiple boards with similar concepts, to post to all of them with just 1 click!  

This allows you to set a Pin to post to all similar boards, with a set time interval in between.  You can really book your schedule far out in advance with this trick!

6. Setting Intervals

I will click on SEO & Marketing.  These are 4 different boards, that all share a similar category in common, which allows me to schedule all 4 posts with 1 click.  And don’t worry, they won’t all post at once, the interval button below allows you to choose how many days apart you pin these. 

Set them to a minimum of 2 days apart to avoid oversharing the same picture too many times.

Once you have set your interval, you can either press the schedule now button, which queues them all to the right place, or save as draft to build up your post library. 

7. setting an automatic schedule on Pinterest

Now that you have seen how to schedule or queue a pin, I will teach you how to set your schedule.  

We touched on how to pull up tailwind through the browser extension, and how to select a picture.  Went over Board Lists, and Interval Scheduling, and now it’s time to fill your schedule up. 

If you go to Publisher -> Schedule or Publisher -> Drafts, you will see your daily Calendar on the right.  These are all times hand picked by Tailwind, to get you in front of the biggest audience possible.  Don’t leave any empty!  

You should have a minimum of 5 posts a day.  If you need to add or remove any time spots, click on “Add / Remove Time Slots” on bottom of calendar.

Next, start adding in the slots of time that they have chosen for you already.  You can add your  own if you think you are smarter than their AI program, but I suggest using their advice.  

Once you have at least 5 slots for every day, you can exit back out of there.  


The last point I want to emphasize is consistency.  

While you are using Tailwind App to schedule Pinterest Posts, to grow your Pinterest Following up to 300,000 people, stay consistent.

Whether you post 5x per day, 10x per day, or just 3x per day, you must be able to do that every single day!  Do this, and you shall succeed!


I hope you enjoyed reading my article on the Tailwind App, and how to use it to get explosive Pinterest Traffic!  Please feel free to reach out with questions or comments.