How to Get Pinterest Followers

How many boards do the most followed Influencers on Pinterest have?

The results may surprise you!

To understand how to get Pinterest followers, it’s important to research the behaviors of the successful. In this article, I’m going to provide 5 behaviors of the most followed people on Pinterest which, if done right, will result in explosive growth of your Pinterest followers. They include:

  1. Account statistics:  A look into the numbers
  2. 9 Consistent Behaviors of a Successful Pinner
  3. The timing of their posts
  4. The tools used to find the right times, and stay consistent
  5.  Verbiage used on pins and boards, length of each

Finally, I will point out how these behaviors can be replicated, in simple steps, to teach you how to get Pinterest followers and increase your website traffic!

For those of you that are new to Pinterest, I recommend first reading “Pinterest SEO – Ready to see a huge traffic boost?“.

If you are familiar with both Pinterest & Pinterest SEO, continue reading.  Let’s move on to how successful behaviors on Pinterest can help you.

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Why its important to understand Pinterest behaviors

As mentioned above, it’s important to research successful behaviors to find success yourself.  And that’s because Pinterest doesn’t really go into depth about their algorithms, but they do give guidance.

An example:

In 2021, Pinterest updated it’s algorithm, giving less weight to those with the most repins, and more visibility to those who consistently pumped out fresh content.  

So what exactly does that mean?

Does someone need to post 2-3 posts per day?  Do I need to write new descriptions on older pins?  What if I just change the picture, would that count?

The reality is, we don’t know, until we see the algorithm in play, seeing who makes it to the top, and why.

To summarize, Pinterest does not clearly define, they give guidance.  If you want to know how to get Pinterest followers, you need specifics.

Pinterest is changing, stay up to date by posting only fresh pins

How to get Pinterest Followers

First, you need a basic understanding of exactly what Pinterest is.  If you are new to Pinterest, you should read my article, ‘Pinterest SEO – Ready to see a huge traffic boost?‘.  I’ll teach you what Pinterest REALLY is, what Pinterest SEO is, and some amazing Pinterest statistics, like ‘50% of Pinterest users are actively shopping something to buy’.

For those of you that know Pinterest is so much more than just a site that shares fashion tips and recipes, a useful resource for designs and ideas,  let’s go over some of the core behavior patterns that the most successful pinners share.  I will start with a look at their numbers.

1. The hints are in the Numbers of the most Followed people on Pinterest

The most successful pinners are successful because their behaviors are creating opportunities for them.  So how do we find their behaviors?

All we have to do is look in the right places.

One of the laws of Physics states that, ‘Information is never lost’, therefor we should find evidence of their behaviors in data.

Information is never lost, a quantum physicist named Leanard Susskind states. It can never fully be destroyed.

I checked their account statistics, and found measurable patterns.

Here are some numbers of the most followed people on Pinterest:

Number of Boards per Account:  56

Topics of the Boards:  It was common to find 5-8 boards with same/similar keywords in common, with different spellings.

It seems this practice was to target as much of the keyword and its variations as possible.

Number of Pins per Board:   Ranges – anywhere from 30-50 all the way up to 1000, 2000 even 6000 in some cases.

The importance here, is to have the most pins with the top keyword you want to be found in, in the board that supports that keyword.

Number of Pins per day:  7 – 15.

Pin Quality (What determines a Fresh Pin?): answer here

2. The 9 Consistent Habits of a Successful Pinner

Now that we went over what defines ‘Fresh Content’, I’d like to put an emphasis on “Consistency”.   Consistency is the rule of thumb for all Social Media, with Pinterest being the poster child.

One thing in common, all those who rose to the top exhibited, was consistency in their posts.  Not only in terms of how often, but also in their look and branding.

The most followed people on Pinterest:

  1. Had a specific niche.  This is apparent in their Board names, Pinterest Pin Titles, Profile, and more.
  2. Had a consistent brand.  ALL Pins shared visual similarities.  Their pins stood out, and they could be recognized as their own.  Their brand stood out.
  3. Posted 5-10 times per day.  This may seem like a lot, but for anyone that has experience with any Social Media, you understand the importance of both quantity, and consistency with services like the ones on this site.  Many fans drop off if you stop suddenly, or don’t follow a schedule.
  4. All followed more than 200 people:  This seems to be overlooked the most.  The more you interact with Pinterest; ie add people to follow, comment on posts, repin, etc..  The more visibility you will get.
  5. Had Legible Pins:  I cannot emphasize this enough, make pins that people can read!  We have a tendency to overstuff our work with too much information.  Just stick to bullet points.  Pins are supposed to be Visually Appealing!
  6. Had great eye-catching titles:  succinct titles giving the user a clear picture of what they were clicking on.
  7. Used Videos in their pins:  One thing I have noticed lately, is that Videos do great things for traffic!  Include several videos in your strategy.
  8. Had descriptions under 300 words:  These were lighter than I thought they should be previously.  They were very succinct, to the point, and used a combination of keywords, without seeming spammy.   Most used hashtags!
  9. Had 4-5 pins ready for every post:  as when they reshared similar links, they always had new pictures.

3. Unlock the secrets of time.. It’s not magic, Its analytics!

In Social Media, time is more than just a persistent illusion.  Time is a reference, that allows us to measure the best moments to share a Pin, which results in the most visibility.

In English, that means we can use time to measure those moments in the day that see the most logged in users.  What this means to you?  In your quest to learn how to get Pinterest followers, try using an analytics tool that tells you the best times to post to Pinterest, or one that posts for you!

I will be going over the perfect one in the next section!

For the top influencers on Pinterest, this is the standard, so if you want to keep up, start thinking about which tool you will use.  You can find out a lot just by Googling also.

I found two studies that covered Pinterest posts, and the peak traffic hours to post your pins.  I included an infographic of this, please share it with the embed code if you like it!

Please include attribution to Digitally Thrive with this graphic.

best times to pinterest infographic showing the best times of the day, and best days of the week to post pinterest pins

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The above infographic points out a couple studies done about Pinterest, and the best times to pin.  These are the peak times that get the most traffic.

So let’s cover some statistics.  According to a meta-analysis of best times to use Pinterest by CoSchedule:

  • 80% of the US Population lives in the Central – Eastern Timezones, it makes sense to use those times.
  • Most users are using Pinterest in their spare time, and in the evenings after work.

They found these 2 peak times;  8PM – 11PM EST, and 2AM-4AM EST.

Another Study by Sprout Social found:

  • The best day to Pin:   Saturday
  • The best time:  8PM – 11PM

So this is great knowledge.  Others are already using it to their advantage.  So now that you know what to do, how are you going to do it?

The question you should be asking yourself by now is:

How am I going to Pin 5-10 fresh quality pins per day, at the best peak times, and do it consistently?

The answer is another trait all the successful pinners shared in common:

They all used Automation Apps, like Tailwind.

4. How to stay consistent and post at the right times?

This may be the most important advice on this page.  Earlier, I talked about working smarter, not harder, and I was referring to using this application.

Tailwind is both a task automation tool, as well as an analytics tool.  It helps with the 2 biggest pain points that pinners are struggling with;

  • When should I post my pins to gain the most visibility?
  • And How am I going to spread out 5-10 posts per day, without sacrificing my own time to be by the computer?

(I wrote a more in-depth article on Tailwind App, called “How to Use Tailwind App to Schedule Pinterest“)
Tailwind the App for Pinterest and Instagram, shown here with a full schedule of automated times to post Pins to Pinterest

The benefits of Tailwind, are the scheduling features:

  1. First, Tailwind does a user analysis, to see when its customers get the biggest traffic boosts.
  2. Then it updates an automated calendar that is customized for each user, to find you the best times to post.

So when you press the ‘Schedule’ button, Tailwind will automatically find the next best time to post your pin, and you won’t have to be anywhere near your computer or phone when it happens!

For more in-depth analysis of Tailwind, and how to use it to get Pinterest Followers, read my article.

My experience started off with the free version, because free is awesome!  However, it only came with 20 posts per month, so I upgraded within about 5 days and bought the Pro version.  I haven’t regretted it since!

Disclaimer:  Tailwind is a free application, with paid versions.  I started off with the free version, limited to 20 posts per month.  I immediately realized how effective it was, and upgraded.  If you click the links here or above, you will get a $15 credit towards 1 month of the paid version of Tailwind, making it free!  These are affiliate links, so I do get the same $15 credit when you sign up!  

I will post an article on how to use Tailwind to get tons of Pinterest traffic, so check back soon!

Optimizing your Pins

Think about a time when you had to fill out a profile online..

You most likely breezed through it, on auto-pilot, not really thinking about the answers.  I know I have!

Well, this is what separates those users with the top profiles.  They view each question, or each text box, as a new opportunity to rank higher for specific  keywords.

They put the right keywords in the right places, allowing their pins, boards, pictures, even profiles to be highly visible.  Their content is helpful and engaging, and it’s visually appealing.

So what can we learn from this?

Leave no text box unoptimized!   If you look at any empty text inputs on your profile, or in your boards and pins, as new opportunities on how to get Pinterest followers, then you will be successful.

So what can you do to optimize your Pinterest Account?

I touched on this a little bit in my article, Introduction to Pinterest SEO.

Here is a short checklist, of how to optimize your Pinterest Account:

  1. First, what is your niche?  You have to have a niche picked out.  If you don’t, you will likely end up running in circles, no matter how hard you work.
  2. Find keywords that describe your niche.  The emphasis should be on what EVERYBODY searches, not just what you search, or like.
  3. You need SEO tools like SEM rush, which is a paid option.  Otherwise, you can use a tool like – which is a free Keyword Research tool.   Use these tools to find keywords that have a high amount of searches per month, with relatively low competition.
  4. Start optimizing your profile.  If you were a complete stranger, would they know that you represented a brand in your niche?  Is your niche even mentioned?
  5. Next, optimize your boards.   Make sure every board has a title and description.   Come up with a way to create 56 boards about different sub categories of your 1 niche.  Do not create boards about random subjects!  Pinterest will only show the first 50-60 words of your description.
  6. Use valuable keywords in your Pins Title, and description.  Do not use too many characters or over-describe in the title.   Pinterest shows up to 30-35 characters of your title, and cuts off the rest.  Do Include your keyword in your alt text if you can, but make sure that is just describing the picture, not your niche.
  7. Use Visually Stunning Pictures.  Use new photos every time, do NOT re-share the same picture to your board.  This will result in Pinterest overlooking you, as they want FRESH content.

For more information on what Alt text is, and how to fill it out, or if you are looking for more information on what SEO is, check out this Ultimate Do It Yourself SEO Guide.


I hope you enjoyed this post on ‘How to get Pinterest followers’!  I also wrote Pinterest SEO, which is a beginners introduction to Pinterest and Pinterest SEO, if that is what you are looking for.  For more information on how Tailwind works, read my article, “How to Schedule Pinterest with Tailwind App“.

Much of what I went over in this post, is tied to SEO.  Even though this is considered Social Media Marketing, it is important that you also learn SEO.  I recommend reading my Beginners guide to SEO, if you are new to SEO, or the Ultimate Do-It-Yourself SEO Guide.

Any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me a message, or leave a comment!