Do you currently have a website?

And are you looking to increase traffic to your website?

Well, I hope you’re sitting down!

Because I’m about to turn your perception of Pinterest upside-down, and explain one of Pinterests best kept secrets:

Pinterest SEO.

Whaaat?  Pinterest has it’s own SEO?  

They sure do.

Pinterest SEO can be a great opportunity to gain a lot more traffic for your website!

It’s not so much that Pinterest SEO exists, but It’s the implied meaning behind it, that makes Pinterest so undervalued.

To me, it became quite clear:

Pinterest had set itself up to be THE‘ Social Media of E-Commerce.  To answer the question ‘What is Pinterest SEO’, let’s dig into Pinterest to see why an analytics program was built.

What is Pinterest

What is pinterest? Pinterest is a Search Engine, devoted to Social Sharing, that has an audience of 478 Million monthly users, 50% of which are using Pinterest to shop.

Most people would tell you that Pinterest is an app to find food, or a place where people share recipes and quotes about love, and hashtag #PumpkinSpice.

While Pinterest is certainly used for those things, it does not paint a full picture of what Pinterest really is.

Here’s the truth:

Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google.  And on this search engine, Pinterest created its own algorithm of how it ranks users content, from best to worst – or most visible to least visible. 

Want to know the best part?:

It’s a search engine that encourages social sharing!  

The big difference between Pinterest and Google, other than Pinterest building its own algorithm, is the content shared on Pinterest is 20% newly created, and 80% shares and repins. 

And it’s popular!

Eye opening Pinterest SEO Statistics

Over 450 Million users are on Pinterest, each month.  And they have shared over 240 Billion Pins so far!

And here’s the kicker:

89% of users use Pinterest for purchasing inspiration.  And 25% of all users time is spent shopping!  So 9 out of 10 people are potential buyers, and everyone on the site actually spends 1/4 of their own time shopping.  

It appears as if we just hit the audience jackpot.  But do they have a lot of money to spend?  

It’s reported that 45% of all households in the US with an income greater than 100k are on Pinterest.

So again, what is Pinterest?:

To sum it up:

“Pinterest is a Goldmine.  It can be described as A Search Engine that constantly promotes Social Sharing to a wealthy audience of buyers, who spend 25% of their time shopping in-app, with 89% of them researching what to buy.”

It is key to keep an open mind about any tool you come across, as you never know which one will bring your website 500,000 visitors per month

I suggest we start learning how to optimize our pins & profiles to be found more easily by this rich audience of rabid buyers.

Pinterest user growth shown in this bar chart pictograph

What is Pinterest SEO?

Now that we understand what Pinterest actually is, and how badly we want to convert that audience, let’s take a look at how we are going to go about that.

To reach the highest number of this golden audience, we are going to use Pinterest SEO. If you need a better understanding on what SEO is and how it works, visit

So what is Pinterest SEO?

Pinterest SEO can be described as the methods used to learn and understand the data, to discover how Pinterest ranks its content.  We then interpret this data to optimize our own pins and profiles to gain the most visibility on Pinterest.  

This differs only slightly from our goal from Pinterest.  

Our goal is to gain the most website traffic possible.  After doing some research, it seems 50,000 – 100,000 monthly visitors is possible, and over 500,000 per month for ultra successful blogs.  

Example:  Pinch of Yum gained 500,000 visitors to their website from Pinterest.

how to gain visibility on pinterest

Hopefully by now you already have a targeted audience, or niche for your blog, without that – it will mean the difference between success and failure.  Make sure you spend a good amount of time on picking your niche, as this defines your audience, your market.

Since the goal is to get more traffic from the right audience, you will want to start with visibility.  To become more visible, you will need to understand the fundamentals of Pinterests algorithms.  

share quality pins

For the most part, Pinterest has maintained a strategy for quality content and stuck with it.  Rewarding users who consistently created sharable content, meaning they had they had the most repins.  

However, that has changed slightly in 2021:

The first step in using Pinterest SEO to boost your sites traffic, is to create Fresh Content

Fresh Content

Quality content still moves numbers, but a key difference is changed:  Fresh content.  

It used to reward whoever had the most repins of a pin, they would get the most visibility.  Instead of giving more space in the feed and search results to pins that have a lot of repins, Pinterest now rewards those creators who constantly create fresh content.  

Tailwindapp describes what fresh content implies, and what changes are really needed for a pin to be considered fresh content.

And in their summary, they give us another hint that the Pinterest team brought up.  Consistency was important.


Pinterest rewards those who consistently share fresh & inspiring quality content

What this means, is pick a schedule and don’t deviate from it.  If you feel you can only pin once per day, stick to it.  Don’t quit.   If you can do 5-10 per day, then make sure its something you can commit to.  

To be successful, you want to post at least 5 pins per day.  Pinterest recommends 10 per day.  

This does not mean post any 5 pins you find when you first login to Pinterest all at once.  No, you will find it very hard to realize success taking shortcuts.  You need to spread them out, during the morning, afternoon, and night. 

I know what you are thinking:

How do I post 5x per day without starting to lose out on other important things in my life?

How to consistently pin fresh quality content

(without interrupting your schedule)

When you start thinking of how you are going to post consistently fresh content, it is going to seem like a lot of work.

However, with the Tailwind app, it doesn’t have to be.  

The benefits of Tailwind, are the scheduling features:

First, it allows you to build up a list of pins to post in advance, so you don’t need to get back to your computer 5 times a day.  

And secondly, Tailwind uses a combination of AI and Analytics to find the BEST times to post to Pinterest, getting you the most visibility.  

I wrote up an in-depth article on how to use Tailwind to get tons of Pinterest traffic.  It has a lot of great info on Tailwind, check it out!

Disclaimer:  Tailwind is a free application, with paid versions.  I started off with the free version, limited to 20 posts per month.  I immediately realized how effective it was, and upgraded.  If you click the links here or above, you will get a $15 credit towards 1 month of the paid version of Tailwind, making it free!  These are affiliate links, so I do get the same $15 credit when you sign up. 

Pinterest SEO will help you gain visibility on Pinterest, which can lead to over half a million website visitors per month!


So that’s it for my guide to Pinterest SEO.  The statistics on Pinterest are eye opening, to say the least.

And since Pinterest is growing, it might be a good idea for you to start jumping on board, before its capitalized by the bigger fish.  

For more SEO tips and tricks, click this link.