Dyson V10 vs. Moosoo K17 – Cordless Vacuum Review

We compare the Dyson v10 vs Moosoo k17,  an industry giant vs. a largely unknown, but rapidly trending newcomer.  It seems Dyson has all but taken over the vacuum industry, but does Moosoo give ‘dyson-like’ quality for much, much less?

A test of 2 high quality vacuum cleaners

Dyson V10 vs Moosoo K17

Looking for information on the best cordless vacuum cleaners, the Dyson v10 vs Moosoo k17?   You’re in the right place, so don’t go anywhere.

In this article, we answer the question:   Which cordless vacuum cleaner is better – Dyson Cyclone V10 or Moosoo K17?”  

We put our ‘testers’ to work, and matched up the Dyson v10 with the newcomer Moosoo k17, in this epic high-quality vacuum cleaner battle!

Cordless Vacuum Review - Dyson cyclone v10

“The Dyson Cyclone V10 is so light, so powerful, it can deep clean anywhere in your home. It is the reason why I’ve stopped developing full-size vacuums.”

Dyson managed to outdo itself again, making some nice improvements to the Dyson v8, which was released back in 2016.  The Dyson v10 is surprisingly powerful for its light weight, and we noted several improvements over the v8, including a larger dirt capacity, improved bin design allowing it to be emptied easier, and 60 minutes of cord-free run time.  

On the other hand, there are some cons to this stick vacuum cleaner.  One of the cons is the price tag, which costs significantly more than similar designs.  Another example is a small physical detail, the trigger needs to be held down the entire time you vacuum, which could lead to discomfort.  But overall the pros outweigh the cons, so let’s take a closer look.

Dyson cyclone v10 performance

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners are known for their high-performance, and commercial-level power.  After creating the Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Vacuum, Sir James Dyson said ‘there is no longer a need for Corded Vacuums anymore’, it was that powerful.  This was a clever marketing ploy, but does the Dyson v10 actually stack up?

All things considered, we found  Dyson lived up to its hype, as the high max suction power mode was indeed 25% greater than the previous v8 model.  However, we want to note that this is only meant for quick spot cleanings only, and not for cleaning your entire home.  It is just not practical to expect the Dyson Cyclone V10 to perform like a Corded Vacuum Cleaner for long cleanings, as the battery will drain relatively quickly on full power mode.  

Specification - Dyson Cyclone v10 

Vacuum Type

Cordless Stick

Bagged/ Bagless



Washable HEPA Filter



Bin Capacity

0.20 Gallons

Charge Time

3.5 hrs

Run Time​​​

Up to 60 minutes - See Performance Below


Power and suction are the two most important factors of a vacuum, so how does Dyson measure up?  We found Dyson V10 to be the most powerful cordless stick vacuum on the market, but in short bursts.  However, it falls just short of its marketing gimmick, as corded vacuums still trump this model with both suction and power.  

The Dyson V10 delivers 151 air watts of suction when on Max mode. This compares to the 180 air watts that the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball upright vacuum is capable.  So even in Max mode, the V10 doesn’t quite measure up to a top performing upright like the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball.   

Dyson did not list the kPa of the vacuum.

Battery & Run time

The biggest pain point of a cordless vacuum cleaner by far, is the battery and run time.  There is nothing worse than vacuuming for 5 minutes, only for it to stop working, requiring you to plug it in again for 4 more hours. Luckily, Dyson marketed the V10 as delivering up to 60 minutes run time from its 25.2 V / 2600 mAh battery!  

However, this all depends on which mode you run the vacuum on.  The table below shows the official run-times we’ve been given by Dyson so you can clearly see what is on offer. However, you should take this as a guide only and runtimes will vary further depending on the type of flooring that you are vacuuming – hard floors delivering the longest runtime, followed by low pile carpets then high pile carpets.

This battery packs some punch, and although you will not be able to swap out the battery, you should expect a 10-15 year life expectancy.

Dyson V10 Battery Run Times


Air Watts

Non-Motorized Tools

Motorized Floor Tool

Suction Mode 1

15.8 Air Watts

up to 60 minutes

up to 40 minutes

Suction Mode 2

33.8 Air Watts

up to 35 minutes

up to 20 minutes

Max Suction Mode

151 Air Watts

up to 5-6 minutes

up to 5-6 minutes


Dyson Cyclone V10 is lightweight at 5.6 pounds, but is double the weight of the Moosoo K17.  Although the max power doesn’t match the power of a corded upright vacuum, we felt that this Dyson V10 was more than capable of spot cleaning the house.  With the ability to use max power in bursts if needed, the Suction mode 2 was plenty enough for carpet.  

This means you may not find yourself vacuuming the entire house in one go with this cordless stick vacuum, but you can expect a solid 20 minutes or so to clean a couple rooms well enough.  

One feature we really liked was the one-click handheld mode.  With just one click, this stick vacuum cleaner turns into a handheld cleaner. You can easily carry it to clean the high spots and corners of the house, or use it to clean your car too.

Dirt Bin Size

The Dyson Cyclone V10 has a clear advantage here.  With a 77 liter dust bin, it is the largest in the cordless high-power vacuum category, and allows you to vacuum the entire house before emptying if you wanted to.  

The Dyson V10 has a 77 liter Dirt Bin, beating the Moosoo K17, which happens to be the best in its class.

Hand held mode

One would expect the Dyson V10 stick vacuum to be transformed into a handheld vacuum, as a basic feature nowadays. These can be transformed into handheld tools, and to use the handheld feature. So, reaching the tough-to-cleaning spots and crevices become so easy with the stick vacuum cleaner.


One last feature, is the great ‘Hassle Free’ warranty that Dyson has, which comes with all Dyson products.  You can expect a 2 year warranty for the cordless vacuums, and a 5 years warranty for the corded vacuums.  This includes any parts, repair to the actual vacuum itself, and if they cannot repair it, they will replace it, free of charge.  

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Moosoo k17 stickvacuum review

Moosoo K17 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is much cheaper than the Dyson v10, with most of the performance.

New to the scene, and already making a name for themselves, is Moosoo. (Haven’t heard of Moosoo?  Visit their website imoosoo.com for more information)  Moosoo became a competitor in the stick vacuum market, with their cordless vacuum cleaner, Moosoo K17.  

Unbelievably cheap compared to similar models in its market, the Moosoo K17 has been making splashes across Social Media, making it one of the highest trending topics on explodingtopics.com.  This cordless stick vacuum cleaner is extremely light-weight, powerful, has a removable battery (unlike the Dyson V10), and is able to switch modes to a hand-held vacuum easily.  With a price around $145, it is 3x less expensive than the Dyson.  

But how does it perform?

Moosoo k17 Performance

The Moosoo K17 suction power peaks at 23 kPa (2020 upgrade), when on Max mode.  On max mode, you can do short bursts of cleaning, but the battery will drain if you attempt to use it for a prolonged period of time.  

Typically, domestic corded vacuums produce suction of 22 kPa, which puts Moosoo’s K17 in that same category, which is great for a cordless stick vacuum.  The 23 kPa is reached on max mode, however.

On the standard power mode, cleaning power drops to 10 kPa, which is still enough to remove different kinds of dirt from smooth surface.  The motor is rated at 200 Watts, and has a powered brush with nylon bristles, capable of scooping up debris.  Its quality airflow makes up for the lack of power.

The Moosoo K17 has a peak power of 17 kPa, and 10 kPa on standard mode.


  •  23 KPA – 200 Watt brushless motor gives you enough power to tackle all types of floors including carpets
  • 2200mAh Lithium Ion Battery – Provides about 30 minutes of runtime which allows you to clean multiple rooms on a single charge (buy an extra removable battery for 60 minutes)
  • Electric Turbo Floor Brush – Has a built-in electric motor to spin the brushes to thoroughly agitate embedded dirt particles from any carpet


Even when using the highest cleaning power, the Moosoo noise level remains low, reachying 70 dB. This is on the lower side of stick vacuums, which are normally quite noisy.  Additionally, the Moosoo is as quiet as 65 dB on low power mode. 

We found that the Moosoo K17 is quieter than the Dyson V10.

Moosoo K17 Dirt Bin Size

Moosoo K17 is a great vacuum for a low price, but the dirt bin is tiny, and needs to be emptied several times per cleaning.

One aspect we wish we could change is the dirt bin.   The dirt bin inside the Moosoo K17 is rather small, which is unfortunate, as overall it’s a great vacuum.  You may find yourself emptying the dirt bin several times per cleaning.  

The bin is easily accessible and easy to dump out, which is a plus.  For example, a button on the side is pressed, and the dirt bin opens downwards, allowing you to empty it out immediately.  


The more powerful 2020 Moosoo K17 is great, especially given its low price.  Their design is minimalistic, created for function, making the Moosoo K17 stick vacuum an ultra-light weight vacuum.  At 2.4 pounds, it is half the weight of most other brands.  

Another nice feature is the swappable battery, which is able to be switched out when problems arise, or a newer battery comes out  At the moment, the battery lasts around 30 minutes in standard, and less than 10 minutes in max mode.  

The LED lights on front are great!  When vacuuming under furniture, or hard to see places, it will light your way.  It seems nothing is out of reach, as when this turns into a hand-held vacuum, it allows you to reach places that are usually out of reach.  


The Moosoo K17 comes with a 2 year warranty, which allows you to replace parts as necessary.

And the winner is...

Dyson Cyclone V10

The Dyson Cyclone V10 vs Moosoo K17 led to a victory by Dyson.  We liked the higher suction power, the trusted name that believes in their vacuum, and the longer battery life.  However, in situations where money became an issue, we would choose the Moosoo K17, hands down.  At less than $150, it is a steal for this type of high performance!

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